Ford & Associates, inc.

Workplace health and safety

  • industrial hygiene services
  • Environmental health and Safety (EHS) Performance systems
  • indoor environmental quality
  • Safety
    • occupational safety
    • ​machine safety
    • ​Facility safety
    • Construction Safety
    • ​Systems Safety

STRATEGIC Environmental Consulting

  • agency interaction, strategizing, and negotiations
  • analysis/evaluation for cost-effective remediation
  • ​Strategic consulting for attorneys
  • Technical Expert Services and Advice
  • ​Second opinion evaluations

Technical services

environmental due diligence

  • Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures
  • Environmental liability quantification
  • Desk-top environmental reviews
  • Phase i/Phase ii environmental site assessment
  • Transaction support and review

Regulatory compliance services

  • permit procurement and assistance
  • Stormwater pollution control and prevention
  • air, water and waste compliance evaluations/audits
  • notice of violation resolution
  • nepa and hawaii chapter 343

regulated building materials

  • asbestos and lead management
  • hazardous materials surveys​
  • specification development and contractor procurement
  • contractor oversight and abatement monitoring

SOil ANd Groundwater Investigations and impact assessment

  • Multimedia Sampling and Analysis Programs
  • Soil Vapor Intrusion/encroachment evaluation and mitigation
  • remedial alternative development and implementation
  • risk-based soil and groundwater management programs
  • human health risk assessments
  • remediation construction management